The photo galleries provide a photographic record of the Ashcroft and Cache Creek
area and some of the various events that have occurred over the last few years.

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Winter on the Ranch - January 2004
A selection of pictures of animals coping with the snow on the local ranches, including the Bison at the Sundance ranch.
Snow in Millennium Park - January 2004
Snow brings a whole new and magical look to the Millennium Park
Winter In Ashcroft - January 2004
The end of January saw one of the largest snowfalls we have had in recent years, turning Ashcroft into a winter wonderland.
The Venables Valley Fire - August/September 2003
The fire started in the evening of August 15th, 2003 and over the next month spread to an area of 7635 hectares. The residents of Venables Valley & Upper Hat Creek Road were evacuated for several days. Debris from the fire fell in Ashcroft. At one point the fire jumped the Thompson river at the Basque.
A Trip to the top of Cornwall Hills - July 2003
Known locally as Cornwall Mountain, this is the highest point in the Ashcroft Area at 6680 feet and the site of an old Forestry fire lookout. Little did we know at the time that much of the beauty shown in these photo's would be destroyed a couple of weeks later by the Venables Valley Fire.
Filming the movie 'An Unfinished Life' - June 2003
Ashcroft was taken over by a movie crew during June 2003, to film the latest Lasse Hallström movie. Much of the action was centered around Dina's Restaurant and the old Central Cafe. The movie is due to be released in December 2004.
The 2003 Ashcroft Rodeo Parade
This years parade was held on Saturday, June 14th 2003
Downtown Ashcroft - May/June 2003
Several of the building have unusual signs that make them appear that they are in Ishawooa, Wyoming. This is the work of the movie "An Unfinished Life" that was being filmed in Ashcroft.
Views of Ashcroft - June 2003
Ashcroft straddles the River Thompson.
Cache Creek Graffiti Days - June 2003
Every year, Cache Creek celebrates the 50s with Graffiti Days. One of the highlights is the parade of vintage cars through Ashcroft and then a Show and Shine, held in the park at Cache Creek.
Cactus Flowers - June 2003
The spring rains followed by a sudden hot dry spell triggers the cactus in the hills surrounding Ashcroft to flower.
Bison at the Sundance Guest Ranch - June 2003
The Scenery Around Ashcroft - June 2003
The area around Ashcroft is arid, semi-desert country. The majority of the annual rainfall comes in the spring and causes the sagebrush to turn a more life-like shade of green.
The Local Ranches - May-June 2003
Spring time pictures of Desert Hills Ranch and Bar-M Ranch
Winter Scenery - December 2002
These photos were taken on Highway 97C - The Highland Valley road, that leads to the mine and Logan Lake. It was a dull day in Ashcroft, but above the clouds, it was a beautiful, crisp winter day!

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