Ashcroft Related Links

Official Village of Ashcroft Site
This site is the official Ashcroft site and contains much information about the
village and also includes an excellent virtual downtown tour and a short history of the village.

Peppermint Clown Bed & Breakfast
Situated in the heart of  historic downtown Ashcroft, The Peppermint Clown Bed and Breakfast
is known for its beautiful gardens in the summer time, its friendly owners, Barb and Ron Hood,
and its wonderful antique charm!

Sundance Guest Ranch
Situated a few minutes outside of Ashcroft on the Highland Valley road, the Sundance Guest Ranch
 has wonderful views of the Thompson Valley.

Nl'akapxm Eagle Motorplex
Located on the outskirts of Ashcroft, this 1/4 mile strip is the site of many large races
 during the summer months.
Gold Trail Open Network Society
Gold Trail Open Network Society (GTONS) is a registered non-profit organization that is dedicated
 to Broadband Internet connectivity and has been largely responsible for Broadband Internet access
in the Ashcroft area. They are currently developing an online networking course.
School District #74 - Gold Trail
Covering a large area of the Southern Interior, SD#74 is responsible for the schools in
 both Ashcroft and neighboring Cache Creek.