About the Ashcroft & Area Photo Site

This site was created in 1997 to showcase the beauty of Ashcroft and the surrounding area.
Now in it's third version, this site has seen many visitors from around the world who have heard
about our little town and are curious as to what it looks like.

Photos on the first two versions were mainly taken using film and then scanned for use on the website.
With this third version, all the photos have been taken digitally,  using an Olympus C-5050, 5 Mega-pixel camera.
 This is the first digital camera that has sufficient quality to replace good old film!

Webmaster and Photographer Grahame Rainey is an educator who originated in England.
After an initial visit in 1988 and several subsequent visits, he became a permanent part
 of Ashcroft scene in 1993. He is often seen around town with camera in hand and was
pleased to be able to contribute pictures to the new official Ashcroft Website.

Requests for use of pictures from this website should be referred to: feedback@ashcroft-bc.com

This site, and the images contained within it, are copyright Grahame Rainey 2003-2004